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We strive to price our plans in a simple, clear way, but if you have any concerns or need a little extra help choosing a plan, feel free to reach out to us.

Our bookkeeping and tax plans are based on a subscription model. See our product pages or pricing page for more details.

Yes, we offer you access to the best service whenever you need it! Your finance expert is happy to answer your questions.

Anything related to finance! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the best support.

Bookkeeping clarifies where your money comes from and goes to. You can make better financial decisions when your books are up-to-date.  Tax time rewards accurate books. Up-to-date bookkeeping prevents you from scurrying before the tax deadline or missing deductions. 

Your bookkeeper is responsible for reconciling, categorizing, and preparing financial statements. They also ensure that your books are tax-compliant.  We make every effort to make bookkeeping as hands-off as possible. However, your bookkeeper may require your assistance in categorizing a transaction. We provide free support in bookkeeping and financial accounting. 

After we get your paperwork, we will finish your bookkeeping for the month in 15 business days. This allows us to make any necessary changes before the end of the month. 

Yep! You can add any amount of catch-up historical bookkeeping to all Countick plans. We can get you caught up quickly no matter how far behind you are!

This depends on how many months of bookkeeping you need to catch up on, but we can usually catch up on a year’s worth of bookkeeping in two to four weeks. 

Bookkeeping, or keeping track of daily transactions, is a key part of any business’s financial success. Bookkeepers’ responsibilities include payroll, recording credits and debits, and general ledger upkeep.  Accounting uses financial data from bookkeepers or business owners to develop financial models. 

Our clients are provided with modified cash basis bookkeeping. This system tracks how much money goes into or out of your bank account or credit card. 

Our accounting add-on keeps track of accounts receivable, accounts payable, unearned revenue, and other financial data. If we keep track of accrual adjustments for you, revenues and costs are recorded when they are earned, not when they are paid or received. At the end of the year, we remove any accrual features so that your books can be done on a modified cash basis again. 

To inquire whether cash-basis bookkeeping is appropriate for your company please set an appointment with Countick experts. 

Yes! We deliver 1099 reports year-round that show the total amount you paid each contractor for the tax year and the payee’s name, date, and payment method—so you can file your 1099s with confidence and on time. 

All of out Complete Finance Dept. packages prepare and file taxes! 


Your Tax Coordinator, and Countick Tax Counselor will prepare your return as your bookkeeper finishes year-end financials. We’ll notify you when we’re finished. We’ll file your taxes and debit your account. 

Yes, all tax professionals in Countick are fully licensed and IRS compliant. While these licenses differ among CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents, and Tax Attorneys, the IRS grants each license the same authority for tax preparation. 

Countick currently does not complete tax filings or tax planning for nonprofits, businesses with shareholders who are not US citizens, or personal income taxes for non-US citizens. 

Anything and everything tax-related! To help you get started, here are some examples: 

  • The IRS just sent me a letter. What does it mean?  
  • Do I have to pay quarterly estimates? Should I incorporate my business?  
  • Should I write off mileage or get a business vehicle? What are the tax implications of my PPP loan? 

Your Countick tax advisors are available year-round and will answer your questions in two business days or less. Don’t have any burning questions? That’s okay, too! We’re still on hand to support you and can give recommendations based on your unique business needs. 

Yes! This is one of our specialties. We can get you back up to speed no matter how far behind you are.

This depends on how far behind you are. Typically it takes about 2-4 weeks to complete one year’s worth of overdue bookkeeping.

Once all your documents are received, we’ll complete your bookkeeping for the month within 15 business days.

If your business has less than $5 million in annual revenue, and it’s been less than five years since your first gross receipts, you can qualify for the PATH Act R&D credit. If you do not qualify, you can take regular R&D Credit against income taxes.

Your employees receive an email with access to their full paystubs each payday.

We send your employees a fun email with a link to their paystubs on payday. 

Workers get lifetime access to their Countick account to view paystubs and W-2s. In their Countick accounts, users can also keep track of their hours, ask for time off, donate to charities right from their paychecks, and change their personal information.  

Direct deposit, digital paystubs, paperless onboarding, paid time off, time tracking, and other benefits are offered. 

By taking a list of your vendors, we can file the correct forms for you provided you are subscribed to one of our services that offer tax form filing. For more information check out our pricing page.

Absolutely, you can choose to pay independent contractors exclusively. We’ll automatically file and email their 1099s at the end of the year. 

Sure, we will file W-2s and 1099s for you. Workers and contractors are also given electronic versions of their paperwork. We will file complete W-2s for the entire year if you move to Countick in the middle of the year. We collect the essential wage information during your setup to ensure W-2s are accurate for the whole year. 

Yes, we provide payroll services in all 50 states. Yet the cost is the same whether you run payroll in one state or all 50.

Yes, we link with popular financial tools like QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks, as well as time-tracking and expenditure applications.

We provide international payroll services using 3rd party portal. 

You might get started right away. We just need Previous payroll provider data to implement our Payroll software.

We’re sorry, but we do not support household payroll.

We’re sorry, but we do not support household payroll.

A bookkeeper records the processes of daily transactions and is a key component to building a successful business. 

An accountant processes the financial information compiled by a bookkeeper to produce financial models

Yes, all of our Tax Professionals are licensed and IRS-compliant.

We use encryptions similar to the ones you’ll find with online banking to keep your data secure. 

Our employees also go through screenings, multiple interviews and background checks to ensure your information is in safe hands.

Yes, we provide this additional service. Please contact your bookkeeper for more details. ensure your information is in safe hands.

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