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CFO services for startups that suits your growing business needs

Drive your growth forward with the assistance of our skilled CFOs, providing accurate budgets and impactful financial strategies!

Unlock further growth potential by enlisting the expertise of our CFOs.

Let’s construct and fortify your business.

  • Accelerate your growth

    Develop financial strategies and models that enhance cash flow and boost profitability. Our expertise includes customer cohort analysis and optimizing sales efficiency, such as LTV (Lifetime Value) and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

  • Enhance financial control

    Chart the trajectory of your company with precise forecasts and budgets. We meticulously construct this foundation, covering all aspects from revenue to net income.

  • Mitigate costly setbacks

    Establish a solid financial infrastructure that positions your business for growth and impresses investors. We cover everything from billing processes to expense reimbursement, ensuring smooth operations.

Why Countick's CFO Services?

Unparalleled expertise

You'll collaborate with the best payroll services in the field. Our team of experts comprises former founders, startup operators, finance executives, and venture capitalists. 

Customized financial support

We tailor our sophisticated financial strategies to suit your specific business needs and growth stage. Serving more than 1,000 companies, we draw insights and expertise from various industries.

High-impact solutions

Whether you require assistance with ERP solution, budgeting or fundraising, Countick proven and trusted experts are here to help you unlock your business's growth potential.

Comprehensive financial strategy assistance

Our CFO Services include:

Monthly Collaboration

Continuous CFO assistance, exclusively focused on your business. Tailored to your requirements, our CFOs can perform the following tasks each month:

Starts at 5 hours /month

Annual Budgeting & Forecasting

Customized and precise budgets and forecasts tailored to your business. Our CFOs will thoroughly analyze your business drivers to develop a personalized forecast covering:

$7,500 /year