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An Inside Look At Counticks’s Bookkeeping Services

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The Countick is a bookkeeping service that is available online. Some might think we’re a website where you can click a button and “the internet” will balance your books.

We’d be in Elon Musk territory if we could do that!

But the truth is: we’re a group of real people crammed into one big (incredible) office, crunching numbers, staring at receipts, and doing your Bookkeeping with the assistance of some powerful software.

Here’s a look at how Countick handles your books.

We have over 100 full-time bookkeepers who work in groups at our headquarters.

When you sign up for Countick, you will be matched with one of our teams via the Countick website, which will look like this:

The small business owner did their books differently before coming to Countick.

Most of them have no idea what the term “bookkeeping” means.

We always begin with a phone call. It is good to know you and your company. This helps us understand how to properly categorize your transactions and how to tailor your bookkeeping to your industry.

how we handle your books

The Countick is more than just a bookkeeping firm; we are also a technology firm. We use technological wizardries such as API integrations and machine learning to complete your books flawlessly and quickly.

obtaining your expenses

In the old days, a bookkeeper would come to your office and collect a shoebox of receipts before entering all your transactions into a ledger. For most bookkeepers, it’s still “the good old days.”

On the other hand, Countick integrates with your bank (if they have one), merchant processor, and credit card company, so that all your income and expenses are automatically pulled into Countick. We employ bank-level security and encryption. It’s safer than carrying receipts in a messenger bag.

So feel free to send us your receipts. Unless you transacted in cash and only have a physical receipt to prove it, In that case, take a photo and email it to countick.

how we communicate with you

Counick doesn’t idealize Long phone calls with your bookkeeper. They are probably not part of your ideal work week. That’s why we make every effort to stay out of your way.

But we can’t read people’s minds so when we need more information about a transaction. we message you via the Countick web. From there, you can quickly categorize the transactions we are unsure about.

how customers contact countick

It’s also a two-way street. If you have any questions about your financial statements or anything else related to your books, send us a message, and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

You can also schedule a call with your bookkeeper at any time. We’re always happy to geek out on bookkeeping and Financial statements.

what you get when you use Countick

Countick Inc. provides back-office services, including bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, filing tax, and functional support services ERP.

Here’s the tangible “stuff” your Countick bookkeeping team is working on.

  • Your month-to-month financial statements
  • Useful visual reports that show your revenue, expenses, and profit over time.
  • A digital Year End Financial Package that you can send to your accountant at tax time. This includes the following:
  •  Income Statement
  •  Balance Sheet
  •  Trial Balance
  •  Journal Entry Summary
  •  General Ledger

And a lot of other things as well. You can learn more about what you get with Countick by visiting our services page.

Contact an expert.

how do we communicate with your accountant?

Tax Season is a nightmare for you, and we understand this.

The most challenging part of tax season is gathering your financial records.

The good news is we handle most of that for you.

We’ll notify you once we’ve completed the Year End Financial Package your accountant requires.

All you have to do is send them an email with the attachment. If your accountant has any questions about how we handled your books or if something needs to be added, we can handle it. We will send you a summary of what we couldn’t find.

We can even grant your accountant access to your Countick account. Access allows them to view all financials. Your accountant can message your Countick bookkeeper directly if they have any questions.

using Countick to do your taxes

With the implementation of Countick Tax, we can manage your finances from start to finish. You get year-round tax advisory support with tips and tricks. You can minimize your tax bill from the first day you join countick support.

When tax season arrives, a coordinator will gather all the documents required to complete your tax return. They ensure we have everything we need to close your accounts and answer any outstanding questions.

By entrusting us with the books, you ensure that you meet all deadlines with seamless communication between your bookkeeper and tax professional.

do you want to try Countick?

Our free trial gives you an inside look at countick. We’ll do your books for free for a month and give you access to the Countick app so you can look at your financial reports. Begin by clicking here (no credit card required).

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